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They are sure that she has heard everything and knows their secret. These two young men who own beauty, wealth and power want to keep her under control, she who just left her hometown to live a new adventure as an assistant to her cousin. How will she manage her job, her cousin, and all the new emotions she feels.

*** This is an fan made interactive novel about BTS and GOT7. On this demo version you meet Kim Taehyung and Mark Tuan as the main protagonists. Later on you could meet all your favs. They are 3 ending in this demo story depending of your choices, real life feeling background images, sweet music. The complete game is on development and will be upload in parts.***

Lumena games is not affiliated with JYP or Bighit Entertainment.


Hi, I'm lumena. I love Kpop and writing. First I was about to write just a fan fiction with two of my favs. Then I came up with the idea to write a novel with choices. So I make ''Fall for you''.  It's my first game.

My first language is french so sorry if I made mistake.  I really hope that you'll like it. Please leave some comments so I can  improve myself and thanks for those who will support me.

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Sorry but how can I download it? xd

It's interesting but very unpolished, even for a demo.

I first took a look at the settings, as I like to adjust game volume and such. However, the settings menu didn't seem to have any visual way of registering the changes. At first I thought the buttons didn't work until I messed with the window sizes. Having a way to see what settings have been chosen would be nice.

There are quite a few issues with spelling and grammar. It would probably be a good idea to hire someone to fix up the English version, since you you mentioned it is not your first language. Finding a consistent way to signal that the characters are talking would be nice also. The game switches between using quotation marks and hyphens, which gets a bit confusing.

I like the fact that we can choose our outfits for each day. It would be nice to see this expanded on with more options. Also giving them more than just a stark white background would be nice, as it looks a bit out of place with the rest of the game.

I was excited to see that stats are used in this game, but then realized that the option to check them was never enabled. It was kind of a let down. Getting that enabled and explaining how the stats affect things in game would be nice.

The story itself is really, really short. I know it's a demo/first chapter type thing, but it really wasn't enough to get me invested in continuing the story. Nothing really happened, and it was difficult to focus on the few events due to the low quality of the translation.

Thank you for your feedback. Since the beginning I wanted some comments and feedback to help me continue, it was even free, but as nobody replied I thought it was so bad and didn't had new chapters. I have to admit my lack. I'll put the demo on stop and work harder for a better result . You're the first one to come back to me and I appreciate it. Thank you. 

does it really work? I don't wanna spend money if it doesn't and maybe you should perhaps consider giving people a demo so they'll want to buy it?